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Solar power monitoring

Visualizing your solar system production results.

  • Detailed output graphics for power, energy, savings and your contribution to CO2 reduction
  • Overview over a user selectable time period
  • Historical data overview
  • For PC, laptop, tablet and smartphone

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Solar system monitoring

A PhotoVoltaic (PV) solar energy system is a big investment, but the system will repay itself within the coming years.

Generating power is one thing, but it gives a very good feeling and motivation when also the results of the solar energy system can be monitored and analyzed per hour, week, month or even a longer period.

It is desirable to detect problems before they occur and harm your power generation. Disfunctional problems can come from failing panels, cabling or power inverter. One failing panel reduces the power output and could drag on unnoticed for Months if no monitoring is in place.

Installing an FP4All PV-logger helps to quickly detect these issues and makes it even possible to detect if preventive maintenance would be needed.


One step and all data is available

When a solar inverter has an RS232 or RS485 interface onboard then it will be possible to extract the data from your solar inverter with the PV-logger.

Install the FP4All PV-logger into your solar inverter and start collecting data. Connect your PV-logger by ethernet to your local network and analyse your data on your PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Let the PV-logger can send your extracted data directly to your www.fp4all.org account and do a full data analysis.


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Universal solution for power monitoring

The FP4All PV-logger is a universal solution and each inverter with an RS232 or RS485 interface can be connected.

If you have a Chint, CMS, Schneider or Shirio inverter, the PV-logger can be fully integrated within the inverter itself.


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Contact FP4all and place a request for more information or go to our website www.fp4all.com for purchasing the PV-logger and other solar material.


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